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What we have learned from RegistHER?
(HER2+ mBC n=1023)
Use of surgery and trastuzumab following CNS metastasis were each associated with
longer survival
(Brufsky et al. Clinical Cancer Res 2011)
Elderly patients had higher rates of cardiovascular disease and less first-line
trastuzumab. Use of trastuzumab associated to longer PFS and a non-significant
improvement in OS in this population
(Kauffman, BCRT 2012)
Dual targeting of HRs and HER2 is associated with prolonged PFS and OS; adjusted HR
0.50 in patients that had first line CT-trastuzumab-HT vs without HT
(Tripathy et al. The
Oncologist 2013)
De novo
MBC had better outcome than recurrent disease, which may be related to
prior drug exposure (may have implicactions for clinical trial design and interpretation)
(Yardley et al. BCRT 2014)
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